I love Instagram! I love being able to edit the pictures and add effects.

Here are a couple of my favorites I’ve done…

Took this on our way to a family camping trip in the Coromandel, NZ.

Putney Cemetry

View from my flat after the first snow of the year.

Found this in Brugge, Awesomeness

Also found in Brugge

View from Waterloo Bridge

Ben G. From the London Show. Dec 16.





One thing that I have noticed about night in London is that there are no visable stars.

I didn’t even realise that this would be something that I would miss but I do.

I still look up into the night sky when its clear just to see if maybe, just maybe I will see a star but no. Every now and then I get my hopes up thinking that there might be a star but it generally starts moving, and not in a good shooting star way but in a plane that’s getting ready to land way.

I have never really thought there would be a place where I wouldn’t be able to look out the window and see stars. Never even crossed my mind, and I wish i had taken more time before I left to just look at the stars. Living in New Zealand there has never been a shortage of stars. I remember lying in the long grass when we were camping and just staring at the stars for the longest time. When you are camping in the middle of nowhere with no ambient city light from the city to obscure them they just seem so much brighter and closer and there are so many more than in the city! I find that, lying there, is just so calming and I could, and often would just get lost in my own thoughts or just the peace and quiet and realise later that i had been there for hours.

Looking up and knowing that each on of those stars are millions of miles away and are larger than our sun makes you wonder, what actually is out there? There are so many different races and cultures just in our world what else does the rest of the universe hold. I refuse to believe that we are the only living thing out there. There has to be more there is no way that there isn’t. I’m fairly certain that I will not get to see the proof in my life time but I hope that when we do, its a civilized and peaceful meeting.

I am planning my next trip somewhere away from the city, and even though it is winter I am going to make sure that I sit outside as long as possible to just appreciate the stars.

Home Sick!!

I’ve been in London for approximately 3 Months now, and man doesn’t time fly. I keep telling myself that I’m not home sick and when ever I talk to my family and friends they ask ‘are you homesick yet’ and I always reply the same ‘no, not yet’ when the truth of the matter is I am more homesick than I let myself believe.

London is a beautiful place and I love finding little places to visit and sight see. I love living here and everyday as I walk to work and have an amazing view of The London Eye and Big Ben I almost have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. I am the first one of my family to do their ‘OE’. My family, I hope, are proud of me for finally doing it after years of saying that I will in the next 6 Months, in the next year etc. My grandmother who I love to bits gave me 6 Months before she rekoned I would be heading for home. I am determined to prove her wrong, she is however convinced that she is never wrong. Well we’ll see about that.

Homesickness hits me at the weirdest time. Most often at work, or watching TV. I know odd. I work with all guys, and I have managed to suppress bursting into tears so far but I’m not to sure how long that will last. I will be at work and thanks to iPhone goodness (and its predecessor ipod-io) I am able to keep up to date with the all the facebook posts and emails (when I get them) that come through which is all fine and good while its all happy and something will happen, like a friend will email me that they are expecting a new addition to there family or some ones parent has passed, or my beautiful cousin messaging me to say she misses me and its not funny any more and I should come home, and all I want to do is go and lie in bed and cry, cry, cry…. I wouldn’t normally have a reaction like that, the reaction would be to give the person a hug, multiple hugs depending on the situation and maybe even a high five. Maybe that is what I am missing the most? Hugs. Not home sick so much just hug-sick (not a word I know) I live with friends, one of whom is a hugger but its not the same, just hugging one person. I miss the different hugs from the different people. I miss chasing after my cousin to give her a hug, and a kiss (she hates kisses but giggles like hell while I’m chasing her and wipes it off straight away) I miss giving my friend Jamie a hug, the biggest hug ever that with us is usually accompanied by cackles of laughter and almost falling over. I miss saying ‘Oh hhhhiiiii Ppppprrruuuuueee!!!’ and hugging my friend from my old work when I pop in to see her. I miss hugging my Dad and feeling like I’m a kid again and so safe. I miss hugging my silly sister. I even miss hugging my brother, who I can guarantee will squeeze me so tight it hurts. The more I think about it the more people I miss hugging.

Homesick/Hugsick also hits me most at night. When I know i should be going to sleep because I have work in 4 hours but I keep thinking about fun things that I used to do, or replying to emails (11hr time difference makes my night their day) or just wishing to myself that I was back home and not here, wishing that I could pop in for coffee or a movie, which I know i can do here but its not the same. None of its the same. I know that wishing wont get me far and I know that my rational self is slapping my emotional self and pulling the typical kiwi ‘harden up and get on with it, stop feeling sorry for yourself you silly cow’ line but it is alot easier said than done.I have good days and bad days, today is a bad day. I have skype and phone dates with family/friends over the weekend so will just have to see how that goes…..

Daily view walking to/from work

3 Months down, 21 to go. The countdown begins.


Hello World

Well yes as the title says, Hello world! And welcome to my blog about nothing in particular other than what interests me, what I find funny and very possibly a bit of a rant every now and then about things that annoy they begezzes out of me!